Mermaid Cove

Hosted by Pirate Invasion’s own Merman Jax & Directed by Mermaid Kairi!

Come meet the merfolk of the “Mermaid Cove” who have washed ashore from the harbor! They are bubbling with excitement at the chance to meet all the humans, both big and small, who will be attending this spectacular 2 day event! So be sure to stop by for a meet & greet/photo opportunity and hear tales of their adventures below the waves! Who knows, you might end up taking home some mermaid treasures from the deep as well!

Featuring Special Guests – Dark Tide Productions LLC


Dark Tide Productions merfolk will be representing Pirate Invasion of Long Beach as the main and only official merpeople. They hold true to a higher performance standard. Donations are welcomed & will help support our annual fundraiser for the sharks through the Aquarium of the Pacific! 

Please see the following requirements and if you have any questions or concerns contact Merman JaxThe following list is in place to provide a high-quality performance for all children and guests and most importantly the people we are representing for this event.(PIRATE INVASION LONG BEACH)

Outside mer-peoples need to contact JAX 

🧜‍♀️ 🐬 🧜‍♂


If you are interested in being a part of the official PILB “Mermaid Cove” team, please email and we will be sure to send you the Submission Guidelines.

Thank you & we look forward to SEA-ing you there! – Mermaid Kairi 

However, this is NOT a “you can’t swim with us” event.

For anyone not meeting the requirements, there will be an area where you can tail up and enjoy the event as a mermaid or a merman. This area will be for “Recreational Merfolk” and will provide a place for all Merfolk whether they are professional performers, recreational performers or just visiting the event. There will be a place for everyone to gather! (Any and all tail types are welcome, including fabric or handmade tails.) 


– All ages welcome, children under 18 must have adult supervision at all times. 

– Must have own tail.
– Must be polite 
– No Drama. See Merman Jax for any concerns or issues 
– No drinking, smoking, or swearing while in tail. Remember by showing up and being a part of the merfolk area, you are also a part of the event as a whole. It is important to act and look your best. Misrepresentation between the Recreational Merfolk and the Official Professional Merfolk is not allowed; this is specifically to avoid any conduct or character issues that can directly reflect on the event.

Basically, come have fun and leave any drama home  Thank you for your interest in this event. Please direct all concerns and questions to Merman Jax will answer all your issues with the help of Captain Lycan and Captain Morgan, in order to make this a great and successful event.