Mermaid Cove


“Aye! Mermaid waters- that be our path” ~ Barbossa


Brace yourself for a tidal wave of excitement as the merfolk of Mermaids Cove  make a triumphant return to the shores of Pirate Invasion Long Beach 2024! After a year-long wait, these enchanting creatures are eager to meet humans, both small and tall, during this fintastic two day event! Bringing tales of their adventures beneath the waves, artifacts from their watery dwellings, and an insatiable curiosity about the land above, the merfolk promise an unforgettable experience

Whether you are a landlubber or a seasoned sea traveler, you will enjoy this immersive mermaid encounter and, who knows, you might even get a chance to take home some magical treasure from the deep. So don on your pirate attire, grab your camera, and make a splash at Pirate Invasion Long Beach!

Mermaids Pirate Invasion Long Beach

 We hope to SEA you all there!


Donations are welcomed & will help support our annual shark fundraiser through Aquarium of the Pacific!


Mermaid Kairi Production merfolk will be the only official merfolk performers of Pirate Invasion Long Beach 2024. There will be no recreational merfolk area this year.


Interested in becoming a part of the official PILB Mermaid’s Cove?


Please email Mermaid Kairi at and we will be sure to send you the Submission Guidelines.