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  Avast  Mates Pirates We're Back At The Lighthouse

in Long Beach California!

Ahoy, if ye be looking for a bit of' history, ye' came to the right place. We started this invasion at Belmont Pier, and moved down the coast to Shoreline Aquatic Park, now to conquer yet another area of Long Beach!! So haul up your mainsail and set course for Long Beach Saturday & Sunday, June 29th & 30th 2024
Join with the largest  Gathering of Pirates, scallywags, freebooters, Privateers and buccaneers ever to come ashore. There be music, song, dance and live theatre and much more to entertain Pirates and visitors alike.  Shop for rare and unusual treasures at the pirate market, well stocked with booty from the 7 Seas.  Twice a day you be seeing the grandest battles this side of Tortuga, with cannon and musket blazing, pirates clashing with sword and pistol as they fight over treasure and wenches.  A visit to
No Where To Rum Bar in the middle of the island and a tankard of ale will calm your nerves before your visit to the pirate village with hundreds of costumed scallywags and wenches.
Get a Custom Tankard with VIP ticket purchase! (Limited to 100)

Pub Crawl With Chips The Pirate

Event Highlights:

  • Mermaids Grotto
  • VIP Pirates actors from Pirates Of The Caribbean
  • The King and Queen of Spain and the Royal Pirate Parade
  • Sword Fights & Pirate Battles
  • Unique Venders and Merch
  • Live Entertainment & Bands
  • Pirate Pub Crawl Tour Of Pirate Island
  • Pirate Booty Arts & Crafts Booths
  • Bounce Houses
  • VIP area to relax and enjoy
  • Adam The Bawdy Juggler

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Special Thanks to Captain Morgan Griffin, Talderoy and Lycan for coordinating the pirate crews and keeping things in order!, Captain Morgan of The Out Law Pirates, & Talderoy and Lycan of The Order of Leviathan

Pirate Invasion Long Beach where 1000's of costumed Pirates and the notorious  Pirate ship the Green Dragon, will descend on Pirate Island for a 2 day fair. Enjoy all things Pirate from sword fights, cannon and musket battles, an interactive kid's zone, unique arts and craft vendors, live shows + DJ entertainment on our stage, food and RUM, a living history encampment, a live production of "Treasure Island". This event has grown leaps and bounds and this year we expect crowds of up to 50,000 guests over the 2 days. In fact, the King and Queen of Spain along with the Spanish Armada is attending! Come listen to face melting pirate rock from Pirate Rock bands. Singing and dancing, a good time had by all.

Volunteer? Why yes you can! - If ye be a swab who be looking to join our crew as a volunteer, please reach out to us via @ https://www.facebook.com/PirateInvasionLongBeac