Event Vendor Application

FEES FOR TWO-DAY EVENT: July 8th and 9th @ Shoreline Aquatic Park
All Merchandise Vendors (non-food): 10’ x 10’ space: $450
Food Vendor 10’ x 10’ space: $675
Food Trucks (limited number of trucks, first come first served): $900
Exhibitors (non-selling Vendors): $1,300
Electrical Power: $100 per day
Overnight Power: $150 for two days
3 Compartment sink: $200
Food Vendors Open flame firepit/extra space: $150 both days
Book your spot on the main walkway for an additional $100 for both days (limited spots, first come, first served)
BVI will provide each vendor with 1 parking pass (one vehicle on event days only).
Food Vendors that work with deep fry grease (DEPOSIT): $100 money will be returned only if area is clean.
Trash left behind: $150 for two days.
Dumping grease or food in 3 compartment sink (cleaning fee): $250
Selling Vendors: Event vendors are responsible for obtaining a special event vendor permit from the Business
License Dept. The current fees are $______ PER DAY. The City of Long Beach Special Events Application can
be found on the following City website: http://longbeach.gov/globalassets/finance/medialibrary/documents/business-info/business-licenses/special-event-vendor-application/
Temporary Food Facility (TFF): Vendors will need to purchase a temporary health permit from the City of
Long Beach Environmental Health Services. Temporary food facility vendors will also need to provide their own
3-compartment sink or pay an additional fee of $200 per event for Beach Ventures International to provide this
item. For a full list of City Health Department requirements and an application can be found on the following
website: http://longbeach.gov/health/inspections-and-reporting/forms/environmental-health/
*PLEASE NOTE: If you cook on an open flame firepit, you will need to pay Beach Ventures for an additional
5 feet of space at $150 (two days) as your firepit is required to be 10 feet from your preparation facility.
Merchandise/Arts and Craft Vendors: Beach Ventures International will not collect a percentage fee or
commission on any sales; all proceeds go to the vendors. All vendors shall be responsible for collecting and
reporting taxes and are required to possess their own State Board of Equalization Seller’s Permit. Your original
seller’s license MUST be displayed in your booth a copy of your seller’s license MUST be provided to Beach
Ventures along with your event application.
*All vendors are required to meet all Board of Health, City of Long Beach and Long Beach Fire Department permits and
requirements. Please initial that you have read and understand______Initial
*There is no overnight camping at the event, security is provided. Beach Ventures International is not responsible for any
missing or stolen items. Please initial that you have read and understand______Initial
*Beach Ventures International Events are community family-oriented events. We do not allow any drug-related items or
items of a risqué nature sold at our events. BVI reserves the right to prohibit the sale of any item. Please initial that you have
read and understand______Initial
*Beach Ventures International appreciates all our vendors, however space is limited and will be given based on first come
first served basis. Please initial that you have read and understand______Initial
*Beach Ventures International will provide 1 (2 day) parking pass(food truck vendors do not receive a pass)We will provide
a pass for vehicle window with the name of your booth and the number assigned space. YOU MUST HAVE THIS IN THE
Vehicles without the correct passes in the windows will be towed at owner’s expense. Please initial that you have read and
*All Vendors understand that they are responsible for their own trash or will be charged a fee of $150, as well as the food
vendors dumping grease or food in the sink will receive a bill for $250. Please initial that you have read and
*Electrical Power is an additional fee and if you do not make prior arrangements with Beach Ventures International to
provide this, you MAY NOT plug into ANY of our receptacles. If caught doing so, Beach Ventures reserves the right to ask
you to leave the event without a refund. Please initial that you have read and understand______Initial
*All Vendors MUST adhere to the set up and tear down times. Please arrive on-time to set up (be respectful of all other
vendors and staff) NO tear down until 10pm on Sunday evening when event is over. Please stay on designated paths. The
vendor coordinator will tell you where to go, please be respectful, as we are trying to be efficient in our set up. Please intitial
that you have read and understand______Initial
*Beach Ventures International will refund 100% 30 days prior to the event, 50% refund 15-29 days prior to event, and there
will be NO refunds 14 days prior to the event. This includes an act of God, and illness due to a pandemic. Please initial that
you have read and understand______Initial
*Each vendor will supply a certificate of liability insurance and will name:
Beach Ventures Inc.
P.O. Box 41757
Long Beach, Ca 90853
as an additionally insured and should include the event location and the event dates. The general aggregate should be
minimum $1,000,000 This will cover for the insured operations at the listed festival.
Please sign that you have read and understand the above information and requirements:
Signature_______________________________________ Date________________________________
Office ONLY:
Application and Signatures Rec’d________ Date_________
Payment Rec’d________ City Documents Rec’d__________ Additionally Insured Rec’d__________
Name of Business: __________________________________________________________________________________
Contact Person/Title_________________________________________________________________________________
Phone: __________________________________ Alternative Phone:_______________________________
Email address: _____________________________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Tax I.D. Number: ___________________________________________________________________________________
Booth Description
Please describe the booth or Vehicle you plan to setup______________________________________________________
Description of items sold from your booth: _______________________________________________________________
Fees for two-day event:
All Merchandise Vendors (non-food) 10’ x 10’ space, no water or power $450: _______
Food Vendor 10’ x 10’ space, no water or power (see all health department requirements and additional clean up fees) $675: _______
Food Trucks, no water or power (see food truck requirements) $900: _______
Exhibitors $1,300: _______
Vendors will receive (1) 2-day parking pass (Food Truck Vendors do not receive a pass)
Additional needs:
Electrical Power $100 per days: ________ (This must be determined prior to setup; you must pay for power. If anyone is caught plugging in without signing up for power, you will be unplugged
and potentially removed from the event without a refund)
Overnight Power Extra $150 (2 days): _______
3 compartment sink (one per four food vendors) $200 per vendor:_______WRISTBAND REQUIRED/SECURITY CHECK
(Be a responsible sink user, no dumping grease or food in sink, anyone caught doing so will be charged a cleaning fee $250)
*Book your spot-on Pirate Place (main walkway) with an additional $100 ($50 per day) fee. Limited spots available, first come
first served.
Total Due: $_______ Paid date: ____/____/____ by- Check____ CC____ Cash____ Balance Due_______
Paying by credit: Name on Card________________________ VISA/MASTER/AMEX card #_______________________________
Expiration date: _____________ Security Code: ____________ Zip Code: ____________ Amount: ___________________

~ For Food and Merch. Venders Only ~

Contacting Alfredo's Beach Club? Pirate Invasion Long Beach

For Vendor Information: vendorinfo@alfredosbeachclub.com
Thank you for your interest in Alfredo's Beach Club. Most question can be answered by emailing us.
If you have a more detailed question, please call us at the number below.

Address: Alfredo's Beach Club - P.O. Box 41757 Long Beach, CA 90803

General Information and Recreational Equipment Rentals 562-235-2465

~ Encampments ~

If ye wish to have your encampment at this location, ye need to have the main setup in place Thursday, Friday is reserved for drive-on for Merch and Food. With anything regarding encampments, or pirate entertainment booth: Talk with Quartermaster Lycan, to find him, first contact his assistant Lilith @ https://www.facebook.com/PirateInvasionLongBeach