Entertainment Schedules For Pirate Invasion 

🎶  Main Deck Stage & Wandering Performers  🎵

Looking for family fun this Summer? Experience The Adventure, take a weekend off and join our crew on the open grassy space along the water, packed with unique vendor booth, offering a wide selection of wears, merch and goodies. Thar’ be all new stage acts and shows along with family favorites, plus a fire show at night. We are bringing back our magical Mermaids in force, take a photo of em with the ocean as ye background. Crack wise with the Shipwreck crew, who had run aground with their Spanish galleon ship, and don’t miss our all new black powder and sword fighting shows, both comedy and swashbuckling swordplay.

SUNDAY: Main Deck Stage

10AM | Rogues of the Golden Coast ( Cannons fire off a volley, with Captain Morgan Griffin firing back on the Green Dragon sail ship )

10:30AM | Sweetwater Creek

10:50AM | The Toasted Clovers

11:20AM | Children’s Theatre of Long Beach Pirates of Penzance

12:00NOON | O’Craven

12:30PM | The Toasted Clovers

1:00PM | Rogues of the Golden Coast & Imagine Pirates, Sword Fight and Cannon Fire

1:30PM | Tea and Strumpets

2:30PM | *Adult Outfit Contest

3:00PM | Splendid Absurdity ( Children’s Comedy Show )

3:30PM | O’Craven

4:00PM | Tea and Strumpets

5:00PM | Rogues of the Golden Coast & Imagine Pirates, Sword Fight and Cannon Fire

5:30PM | Splendid Absurdity ( Children’s Comedy Show )

6:00PM | *Charity Drawing

6:30PM | The Toasted Clovers

7:10PM | O’Craven

7:50PM | Play Them Out’


Hard Rock / Sea Shanties / Folk Metal music, we also have wandering acts and side shows, keep an eye out for our upcoming lineups, complete with times and locations.



If ye be looking to perform; Talk with Quartermaster Lycan, he be our wolf in pirate clothing & Stage Director.

To find him, first contact  pirateinvasionlongbeach@gmail.com

or talk to Stage Manager and MC, Fae 



🚩  Come get your Pirate on!!  🚩

We encourage tipping our performers. Many of them come a long way to entertain you so lets please help them get home. ~> Do not tip any entertainers not wearing a PILB issued wristband. If they do not have a special wrist band and are asking for tips, they are not associated with us and are scamming you, please notify security at once with their description or photo, Thank you.

The’ P.I.L.B Crew

Hosted by Captain Morgan Griffin & Co Host / Operations by Quartermaster Lycan of Lycan Productions