Duke and Duchess of Pirate Invasion Long Beach

Who will be this 2020 year’s Royal Ambassadors of Pirate Invasion Long Beach?


Do you have what it takes to represent Pirate Invasion Long Beach? Be the royal ambassadors of Pirate Invasion Long Beach for this year’s event! We are looking for a power pirate couple to represent us as our Pirate Duke and Duchess for the weekend.

The King and Queen of Spain will be at our event with the royal Spanish court. We are in need of pirate representation to meet and sit with them in hopes of making a good impression for your pirate brethren and sisters.  Be our first event royal ambassadors in a long line of pirate event royalty to come.

This year we will be choosing a pirate power couple from event patrons. The winning couple will represent Pirate Invasion Long Beach as our celebrated pirate royalty Duke and Duchess of P.I.L.B. Winning couple will reign for both days of the event.  Ye will be given a royal sash to wear for the weekend along with the official event staff and some surprise gifts. This is going to be a lot of fun. We can’t wait to see who will be crowned.

Will you be this year’s  Pirate Invasion of Long Beach’s

Royal Ambassadors?

PILB is looking for Pirate Power couples to be voted on, for this year of our event.

Show up Saturday at Main Stage, where ye be chosen to compete and voted on by the roar of the public.  As newly chosen event royalty you will be expected to our pirate emissaries to the public and pirate community. Your photo will also be used to promote next year’s event.

Step 1: Show up to the stage, where you will wait to be chosen from the many to come to the stage.Must be there before 1 pm on Saturday!

Step 2: If you are picked, you will introduce yourself, and tell the crowd why ye be worthy to be our Royal Ambassadors. 

Step 3: The masses will scream and cheer & the piratical applause-o-meter will judge the winner.

Step 4: The new pirate event royalty will be sashed and carry the event royal scepter.

Step 4: Newly inducted Duke and Duchess of P.I.LB will take on the duties of our royal pirate emissaries of the event and meet with the Spanish King and Queen to discuss our treat for the following year.(Photos together)

We highly encourage couples to dress their best and extrovert personalities a plus!


WARNING-  Winners of Duke and Duchess Photos will be used to promote next years’ Pirate Invasion Long Beach. By entering and winning the contest you agree to us using your shot for event promotion