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Don’t delay, mark ye’ calendars, and prepare to embark on a weekend full of pirate action and unforgettable experiences you won’t soon forget.

Saturday July 30th 10am – 9pm ~ Sunday July 31st 10am – 8pm

~ Keep to the code ~

Age Policy

All ages are welcome.

(anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult).

Refund Policy

All sales are final

Terms & Conditions

At The Gate
All bags are subject to search
No ins and outs
We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone

Health and Safety
All attendees are subject to latest City, County and State health and safety regulations.

Prohibited items
Metal and glass bottles or containers
Outside food or drinks
Easy-ups / pop-up shade structures, Folding Chairs, Coolers are not permitted
Weapons, fireworks, fire spinning, Illegal items of any kind, Self Defense Equipment
No weapons of any kind are allowed, nor disruptive toy weapons like squirt guns, etc. ( Pirate Themed Historical Reenactment “Weapons” are allowed but must be Pease-Tied blades and non – functional firing ) All reenactors will be expected to handle themselves professionally, regarding such items, the fair reserves the right to deny anyone at entry.
All Animals ( exception of legal service dogs only ) : Guests who use service animals must retain control of their animals at all times and should keep them on a leash or harness while visiting ( The safety of our guests is of high importance to us ) This private event requires any guests with service dogs, must have something to show they qualify as service animals under the ADA :
Drones, Laser Pointers and Other “Disruptive” Items
Skateboards, Scooters, Bikes, Tricycles, Unicycles, In-Line Skates and Shoes With Built-In Wheels, 2-Wheeled Vehicles Including Segways ( Wagons are allowed )
No outside banners, flags, poles, or anything that can cause a disturbance or accidentally be dropped, poked or be in the way of any kind. Including no outside Musical Instruments ( We have performers, enjoy them )
No panhandling? ( We do have actors and roaming performers who accept tips, they will have designated bands or badges on their person ) If you suspect someone of panhandling who is not a performer, or has a fake badge, please report them immediately. Anyone sighted for panhandling may be subject to California Penal Code 647(c).

(Any object the event sites must be taken out of the event, any guest not cooperating will be escorted out, with non refund of ticket and or tickets and or also refused reentry)

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From the Helm:

Captain Morgan, Bosun Talderoy

& Quartermaster Lycan

As for all things pirate with Pirate Invasion Long Beach, we do things the old fashion way. The order of command is how it works.  First, ye contact Bosun Talderoy or Quartermaster Lycan, then in goes to Captain Morgan Griffin (He’s the Captain) and from there it goes to the Queen in the Lighthouse (No one bothers the Queen in the lighthouse as she is very busy). All Pirates please speak with the Bosun or the Quartermaster, and we will take it to the Captain.  We will work on an answer for you and consult the Queen in the lighthouse if necessary and get back to you as soon as possible. We like to handle things in a very professional manner and appreciate the same. Thank you!


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