The Wanted Pirates Game

Thar be notorious pirates afoot here at Pirate Invasion Long Beach. Wanted they be! If ye see one of these sea dogs they are wanted by the Spanish Crown.

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Here ‘s how ye play- Find the Info booth and see who is wanted by the crown or use the website here. Then head out as newly appointed Pirate Hunter and find the culprits. Take a photo with them and upload it to your Instagram follow @wantedpirates and @pirateinvasionlongbeach and tag your images to us. It’s that easy. At the end of the day, we will randomly pick a winner for the prizes. The more pirates ye find the better the chance to win.
You will be notified via Instagram if you are a winner. (At 5pm we will contact you via Instagram, you will have 30 min. to respond.) ( tickets cannot be redeemed for cash. ) It’s fun and it’s free. Also, remember you can keep this page open on your phone for the pirate ye seek.

Take a photo of the wanted pirates and add it to your Instagram with the following hashtags #wantedpirates #pirateinvasionlongbeach #mutinymagazine and follow @pirateinvasionlongbeach @wantedpirates for a chance to win 2 tickets to our sunset cruise value of 200.00! And Prizes

Saturday, June 29th Win two tickets to the Captain’s Cruise Saturday night June 29th ! the game is to be played both days at Pirate invasion. A 200.00 dollar value!

Sunday we will be giving away and amazing……..? To be anounced