Pirate VIP Very Important Pirates Lounge

Pirate VIP Very Important Pirates Lounge




Meet STARS from The Pirates Of The Caribbean Movie Franchise.

Come spend the day going in and out of the VIP and drink with Stars from the Pirates Of The Caribbean and top pirates from the pirate community. Sit in comfort in the shaded pavilions and enjoy the sea breeze and beautiful views. This year we have a t-shirt and our limited edition pieces of Eight event coin included in the VIP ticket cost.


Gunpowder Gertie of The Order Of Leviathan and Issac Singleton of Pirates Of The Caribbean


Meet Stars from Man At Arms Reforged

Meet Matt Stagmer, Actor: Man at Arms. Matthew Stagmer is a full-time sword maker and blacksmith. He has worked on … He has appeared on several other projects ranging from the BBC to some Screen Junkies shows on the web. Matt wishes to do many other … 2014-2017 Man at Arms: Reforged (TV Mini-Series) Swordsmith.



Meet Captain Slappy 1/2 Fonder of Talk Like A PirateDay!




VIP Tickets- Alfredo’s Beach Club!