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Capt’n Lynnie’s MAGICAL REALM..Storytelling Pirates & Performing Scalawags..


Meet pirates and hear tall tales at Capt’n Lynnie’s Magical Realm






Meet the juggling magician pirate Jack Spareribs and his talking monkey Maynard!




Treasure Hunt – Free to play and Mom or Dad can get a chance to win 100$ cash!

It’s free to play and this year’s treasure hunt runs all day.  Get your map at one of two information booths. Booths located at Pirate invasion and at Shoreling village. Our treasure map will take you on a journey thought PirateInvasion Long Beach and Shoreline Village! You will meet pirates and mermaids on your journey. You might even meet a King and Queen. Your journey will take you on a boat ride and visit a chocolate factory. this is a fun game for the kids and gives you a path through our pirate world.

After your quest is over you bring your map back to information booth for a prize. If you visited 10 of the spots on the map the adult of the group will receive one raffle ticket and you might win 100.00 Three winners per night!

Captain Kids Costume Contest


Captain Jack and Moon Mermaid