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  Avast  Mates Pirates be comin’ to Shoreline Aquatic Park  & Shoreline Village Long Beach California


About Us. Avast me Matey’s the Pirates be comin’ to Shoreline Aquatic Park and Shoreline village, so haul up your mainsail and set course for Long Beach Saturday & Sunday, June 30th July 1  2018.  Join with the largest  Gathering of Pirates, scallywags, freebooters, Privateers and buccaneers ever to come ashore. There be music, song, dance and live theatre and much more to entertain Pirates and visitors alike.  Shop for rare and unusual treasures at the pirate market, well stocked with booty from the 7 Seas.  Twice a day you be seeing the grandest battles this side of Tortuga, with cannon and musket blazing, pirates clashing with sword and pistol as they fight over treasure and wenches.  A visit to
Alfredo’s Bucket of Blood Tavern and a tankard of ale will calm your nerves before your visit to the pirate village with hundreds of costumed scallywags and wenches. Visit our Lighthouse full bar with the 360 scenic view!

Meet many of the pirates from the movie Pirates Of the Caribbean 1

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Special Thanks to Captain Morgan Griffen and Talderoy for coordinating the pirate crews and keeping things in order!, Captain Morgan of The Out Law Pirates and Talderoy of The Order of Leviathan and www.mutinymagazine.com