Family Pirate Treasure Hunt!

 Family Pirate Treasure Hunt!Available at Info booths on Shoreline Village and Pirate Invasion Island!





 Go On An Adventure!

This year we have a special FREE all day(10 am until 5 pm) Pirate Treasure hunt where every child player is a winner and the parents win a raffle ticket for a chance to win 100.00, with a total of 600.00 as cash prizes. On your journey, you will meet a Spanish King and Queen, many pirates, frolic with Mermaids, take a boat ride and visit a candy store and a pirate shoppe! You will receive a beautiful event treasure map with flags on it. Read the clue on the map and seek the flag. At that location on the map, a performer will put a stamp on your map.  Bring the map back to the information booth for a prize. If you get at least ten stamps you will win the raffle ticket and a chance to win 100.00. Must be 18 years of age to receive a raffle ticket. Play while supplies last One? One prize per map.