Entertainment Schedules For Pirate Invasion Island and Shoreline Village 

Main Deck Stage Pirate Invasion Island


Washing Well Wench at Nautilus Shell Stage Shoreline Village The Washing Well Wenches will be at the Pirate Invasion of Long Beach at the Nautilus Stage
1:00pm: Washing Wenches Stage Performance
3:00pm: Washing Wenches Stage Performance
5:00pm: Washing Wenches Stage Performance

Shoreline Village Stages Schedule

Our Itinerary can be found below


On the Boardwalk

10:00 am: Port Royal Privateers Historical Encampment

10:00 am: Moon Mermaid Grotto

11:15 am: Musket Fire From Shoreline Village to Shoreline Park

12:00 pm: Hammered Dulcimer Musician

12:00 pm: Smile for The Birdie Exotic Bird Photo Ops

12:00 pm: The Imagine Pirates Roaming Sword Fights

12:00 pm: Joust Kidding Band

1:00 pm: The Trackless Train Shuttle

1:00 pm: Pirate Crafts Booth

1:00 pm: Mantis O’tool Mandalay

1:00 pm: Pirate Face Painting Station

1:00 pm: Sword Welding Balloon Art

2:00 pm: Longer John Stilt Walking

3:00 pm: Fortunes by Borka

4:00 pm: Musket Fire from Shoreline Village to Shoreline Park


Off-Boardwalk Stage

1:00 pm: Rusty Blade Comedy Show

2:00 pm: Mantis O’tool Mandalay

3:00 pm: Ploughboy Celtic


Nautilus Shell

10:00am: Tarot Card Readings

10:00am: Art Installations

10:00 am: Food and Drinks

10:00 am: DJ Spike

1:00 pm: Washing Wenches Stage Performance

3:00 pm: Washing Wenches Stage Performance

5:00 pm: Washing Wenches Stage Performance

5:30 pm: Live Drum Circle


SPIRIT CRUISES FERRY SERVICE [Departing from Dock 9(Shoreline Village) to Dock 1 (Shoreline Park)]

  • 12 pm
  • 1:20 pm
  • 2:30 pm
  • 3:30 pm
  • 4:20pm
  • 5:20pm





Imagine Pirates

Cannon work by the Roques of The Golden Coast

Rogues Of The Golden Coat Cannoneers


The Pirate Charles!Click the Photo To hear The Pirates Charles  Interview at Under The Crossbones

The Pirates Charles

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Pirate Invasion Long Beach

Adam The Bawdy Juggler

Adam The Bawdy Juggler