The Captain’s Cruise Tall Ship Cannon Battle At Pirate Invasion Long Beach May 31st, 2020 4:00 PM!- SOLD OUT! We sold out with in the first hour. See you on Pirate Island – P.I.L.B!

The Captains Cruise

“Battle at Sea”
Only at Pirate Invasion Long Beach, Sunday, May 31st, 2020, 4 pm.

Join your fellow Pirates, Buccaneers & Corsairs, on the high seas for a piratical good time. Our crew has mutinied two 110-foot wooden Brigantines, Captained by Pirate Invasions very own Captain Griffin, the Scourge of the Seven Seas. Eat, drink and join in the revelry as we sail in the waters of Long Beach CA., around Pirate Island. But beware, the smell of Mutiny is in the air, and when it comes to pirates, cannons may be in order to finalize this debate!

This will be a 2.5 hr Tall Ship carter ~ From 4:30 pm – 7:00 pm (Boarding at 4 pm)

There will be food on the ship, accommodating various diets and tastes.

Sponsored booze for the sail, Drakes Organic Spirits. ….and Water for ye’ LandLubbers.

~ We highly recommend you dress for the part, and do dress accordingly for the weather. Remember, the high seas are much cooler than on land, more so with the wind. 

~ Adults $100., Children 17yo and under $80. and must be accompanied by an adult.

~ We recommend bringing a tankard on the ship to keep with the theme, though we will have cups for your everyday swabs.

LOCATION: Pine Avenue Pier in Rainbow Harbor in Long Beach, California.

BEFORE BOARDING: Please show up for the ship at 4 pm, for ID check and boarding, 4:30 pm is when we shove off! Once ye reach the Docs, please wait for our pirates, Bullet Valmont and Lycan to give the announcements and instruct ye on the rules, guidelines and check your IDs before boarding. 

BOARDING: You will not get to choose what ship ye go on, as your names will be pre-organized. (Ye’ will get an email indicating the name of the ship you will be on, as well as the pirate who will be checking your ID before boarding) Both Bullet and Lycan will be handling one or the other ships boarding. Let’s keep an organized line going when ye get there so we can board faster.

DON’T BE LATE: (Do remember to give yourself enough time to park and walk to the ship.) Again, boarding is at 4 pm. Please have ID ready. It is important to be on time, there is no swimming to the ship so plan your day accordingly, for we will cast off without ye.


  • All participants must fully cooperate with the Captain and all-volunteer crew members in a respectful manner.
  • It is understood that anyone not fulfilling these behavior standards will not be allowed to continue with the program, and maybe sent home at their own expense.
  • Let’s have a clean and orderly state of the common areas of the ship upon disembarking.
  • NO Pets
  • Please do not draw weapons on the ship, let’s respect this wooden vessel and not put any holes in it or each other, and no firing of any weapons if ye’ please.

Thank you to our Cruse sponsors,

for their amazing contributions and time, they put into the Captains Cruise experience.

“Drink Up Me ‘Hearties”

YOU LUBBERS have broken the internet!! Blast ye!!”

This invitation was not up 1hr and ye filled da’ ships 100%. Quite the tidal wave of ticket sales. NOW to get on the waiting list, as every year we have dropouts, we do things the old fashioned way for WAITLIST sales.

  • Please, send inquiries to our sponsor Mutiny Magazine.
  • For: Captains Cruise 2020 Pirate Invasion Long Beach.
  • At:
  • Send a detailed message with your: Name, Phone Number, and the number of desired accompanying pirates including yourself. A representative of the event will get back to you shortly.