The Captain’s Cruise on the American Pride Tall Ship at Pirate Invasion Long Beach June 29th 2019 6:30 PM

Pirate Invasion Long Beach Cruise 2019

The Captain’s Cruise!

Captain Morgan Griffin welcomes ye aboard the Captain’s Cruise where ye will be forced to join the crew and reveal in the event that is Pirate Invasion Long Beach!

After a hard day pirating with us at Pirate Invasion
Long Beach we sail off into the horizon for our sunset cruise. But before leaving we’ll attack Pirate Invasion Island with cannon volleys while screaming out the victory of a great days end.

While on board ye will be entertained by pirate minstrels fed a pirates portion of grub and revel in the company of your mates, new and old. This sunset cruise will last 2 hours bringing you back to dock and the party continues into the night at Shenanigans Pub on the dock near by!

Prices of tickets for the Captain’s Cruise are 100.00. Our Pre order ticket price is 59.99. tickets are limited so get yours now while the getting be good!

This is a PRIVATE party and we reserve the right to refund tickets if we sell out or decide that the purchaser of said ticket it a drama Lama. We in the pirate community in charge of this cruise welcome all non drama fun loving adults aboard this fun pirate cruise! TICKETS ARE NON REFUNDABLE! But you can transfer them.

The Ship Leaves Rainbow Harbor Dock at 6:30 pm do not be late! When paying for your ticket please make sure you put your contact info in notes. Tickets will be waiting for you dockside the evening of the event. Please bring your PayPal receipt. All sales final although your tickets are transferable should you need to transfer them to a mate. All pirate business handled in good form mates so no worries.

The Captain’s Cruise Tickets